Testimonials from Accredited and Approved Adoption Service Providers

"The whole America World team greatly appreciates this experience with IAAME. The process was very professional, clearly explained and we had a great experience each step of the process working with your team. Thank you all for a great reaccreditation experience! And thank you for all each of you are doing on behalf of vulnerable child and families in this work."
Anna M. Graham, COO
America World Adoption Association
"It has been a pleasure working with you (Brittany), Maria, and Allison through our initial reaccreditation with IAAME! We truly appreciate the ongoing assistance and opportunities for support your provided.” While it was certainly more involved and time consuming with IAAME, the structure of the reaccreditation process provided more opportunity for intentional, internal evaluation and enhancements to our program that we anticipate will ultimately benefit the children and families we serve. The IAAME portal system for client applications, monthly and other reporting, reminders and communication with IAAME has provided greater efficiency and clarity to the ongoing accreditation and monitoring process. The portal has been easy to use and minimizes duplication of some accreditation processes."
Trista Herren, Director of Adoptions
Holston United Methodist Home for Children
“Lifeline Children’s Services is thankful for the opportunity to partner with IAAME as our accrediting body. Over the past several years, IAAME has provided our team with excellent service and communication. We appreciate the structure, guidance and clear expectations they consistently provide. The IAAME staff is approachable and we have built a relationship based on trust knowing that our end goal is the same. Collaborating with IAAME is a blessing to our ministry as we strive together to serve in the best interest of children and families.”
Karla R. Thrasher, Director of International Adoption
Lifeline Children's Services, Inc.
“Thank you both for the kindness we received throughout the process of reaccreditation. We certainly had our exceptional challenges between Covid lockdowns, staff changes and then staff changes again, it seemed it would never end. Given all that our respective offices have experienced these last two years, I think a celebration is in order for all of us. As an active COA evaluator, I appreciate the hard work required of you both. In the past, I have always questioned if the goal of an accrediting entity is to lessen the number of accredited agencies or to better accredited agencies. Our experience has most certainly resulted in Hopscotch delivering better services.”
Robin E. Sizemore, Executive Director
Hopscotch Adoptions, Inc.
“Both Charity and Amy made the entire (accreditation renewal) process as smooth as possible. They were friendly, engaging, and professional. All of my staff felt very comfortable speaking with them, and I felt they were coming from a place of wanting to see us succeed. They offered great feedback, were comprehensive, and there were no surprises throughout the entire process.”
Laura Nichols-Virgilio, Executive Director of International Adoptions
Christian Adoption Services
“IAAME is truly committed to making ongoing improvements to their monitoring and oversight activities and website Portal. They welcome feedback and suggestions from ASPs and have actively demonstrated a commitment to streamlining the process for ASPs to submit required reports and complete Portal activities. Our analyst is extremely efficient, responsive, knowledgeable, approachable, and thorough, and we always feel we can reach out to IAAME staff with our questions.”
“Working with IAAME has been a pleasure! Certainly, accreditation is time-consuming and nerve-wracking as I am sure it is in all arenas – knowing your practices are in compliance with regulations is sometimes different than being able to show that compliance. This may be especially true in fast-paced work such as adoption – perpetually changing the wheels on the bus while it speeds down the highway (and children’s safety is of concern). But, throughout the accreditation process, we felt that IAAME very much wanted us to be successful. Their approach felt supportive and informative. Each of the staff members we had contact with were clear communicators, fast responders, and supportive professionals. They were clear about their role- to uphold the standards – but also very human in their approach and willing to understand where advocacy with the State Department might be warranted. I remember being told that it was a goal of IAAME that the accreditation process itself would feel a little lighter due to on-going M & O. I think I am beginning to see how that may very well come to be when thinking about two IAAME-managed cycles. That would certainly be a welcome change.”
Maryanne Ludwig
Wide Horizons for Children, Inc.
“IAAME’s review was incredibly professional and clear. It was the first time we experienced clear communication through the process, while also a clear care to understand exactly who we are as an organization. Our staff felt heard and understood, yet a professional manner was upheld while honoring of staff and the work. Kudos to IAAME staff Charity and Kim who made the process feel smooth and were always available for any questions. The provided flexibility where they could knowing that we had active COVID situations that were directly affecting staff. We rate the process as being very well done. IAAME staff appeared very knowledgeable of their role and were clear. Thank you!!”
Lindsay Bragdon, Family Adoption Program Director
The Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers