Meet the Board of Directors

Dr. Michael Bowie

Dr. Michael Bowie

Director (Florida)
Executive Director Recruitment, Retention, and Multicultural Affairs

Founding Member: 7/28/2017
Chair: 7/28/2017 – 12/31/2022

Jessica Davis

Jessica Davis

Vice-Chair (Ohio)
Co-Founder of Kugatta

Member: 12/16/2019
Secretary: 9/14/2020 – 12/31/2022
Vice-Chair: 1/1/2023

Lt. Col. Jayme Hansen

Treasurer (Virginia)
CHRO/PA&E/ Chief Financial Officer

Member: 6/6/2022
Treasurer: 6/5/2023

Dr. Holly Grant- Marsney

Director (Massachusetts)
Assistant Professor of Psychology

Member: 12/6/2021

Karin Polifko

Dr. Karin Polifko

Chair (Florida)
Higher Education Administrator​

Member: 12/3/2018
Vice-Chair: 6/3/2019 –12/31/2022
Chair: 1/1/2023